Saturday, April 21, 2012


CLOUD-onomics - Benefits calculation in terms of ROI when embracing "Cloud services & infrastructure" will continue be highly speculative. Arriving at the 'Economic value' is even more difficult. It depends on numerous factors... starting from the Organizational parameters <culture, size, compliance, security and risk appetite etc. etc> to the Hardware, Software, Design, Vendor, etc chosen as part of the solution. In certain cases it can be even negative.

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  1. Doc is password protected.

  2. Hi All, The file has been removed/password protected purposely after lots of deliberation on my part… mainly for two reasons:
    a) I received cautions of potential plagiarism… It is possible that others might use the content and ideas for monetary benefit.
    b) A potential book authoring offer from a publisher. I have been requested to take the content offline.

    However, I shall be blogging/publishing a curtailed version of the doc soon.